Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When can I buy tickets for the 2018 Napa Valley Jazz Getaway?

A: 4-Day Gold Packages, 2-Day Silver Packages, plus Single Day Tickets are ON-SALE now. 


Q: I bought the 4-Day Gold Package and the top of the ticket says it's for Thursday.

A: Don't worry, your ticket is good for ALL 4 Main Concert Events: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you notice, the fine print also states this on the ticket.


Q: What do I wear to all the events?

A: Note to the Ladies... Wine Country Chic: wedges and flats are recommended since we're in the grass at the Oxbow Commons. Also the evenings can get pretty cool, so remember to pack your shawls and scarves...layer up!

We recommend that everyone wear upscale casual and comfortable clothing during the day. Men: nice shorts, khakis, or jeans, a button down or polo shirt and a sweater, sport coat or jacket depending on the temperature. Women: nice skirt, sundress or slacks with a casual top plus a sweater and jacket again depending on the temperature.  

For the first night at the Lincoln Theater on Thursday, we recommend dressy chic. Hey, it's the first official night of the Getaway so let's dress to impress!

For "Friday Night Funk Night" at the Lincoln Theater, FUNKY's Friday Night Funk Night so anything goes! Will BC wear another purple fuzzy hat this year? Guess you'll have to wait and see... 

For the Outdoor Concerts at the Oxbow Commons, we recommend upscale casual and comfortable clothes that will be cool during the afternoon (it can get hot), but with a sweater, jacket and scarf for the evening since it cools off dramatically at night. The field is grass at the Oxbow Commons so wedges and flats are recommended for the ladies.


Q: Is there an age limit of 21 years old to attend since this is a wine event?

A: No. There is no age restriction. However, we do not recommend children under the age of 10 as we do not want younger children disturbing our concert goers. Please leave all small children with the grandparents and enjoy a few days in the romantic wine country by yourselves.


Q: Where and when can I get my 2018 ACCESS CARD?

A: Platinum, Gold and Silver ACCESS CARDs will be available for pickup starting Monday, June 4th, 2018 at our Information Table at various locations.


Q: Where can I find my seat number for the performance(s) at the Oxbow Commons?

A: Seat assignment at the Oxbow Commons (Saturday & Sunday outdoor shows) should be printed on your tickets as well as in your email ticket purchase confirmations. Platinum and Gold Package holders will have the same numbered seats for shows on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Lincoln Theater seats are exactly the same as your seats at the Oxbow Commons).


Q: How can I receive updates from The Getaway?

A: For all the latest updates, join our mailing list by clicking HERE. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for other information and happenings in and around Napa Valley.


Q: Is there covered seating for the outdoor shows at the Oxbow Commons?

A: No. Seating at the Oxbow Commons is fully outside under the sun. Please bring a hat and sunscreen. No umbrellas will be allowed as that will obstruct the view for the people behind you. However, you CAN use umbrellas in between performances. If you need to get out of the sun, feel free to walk back to your local hotel or stroll over to the Oxbow Market next door.


Q: Are all seats reserved at the Oxbow Commons?

A: All current tickets that are for sale are reserved chairs with seat numbers. Please do not bring blankets to lay on, or chairs of your own. You are more than welcome to bring a padded seat cushion if you wish.


Q: Are the venues within walking distance of The Westin?

A: Yes, all the venues except for the Lincoln Theater are within walking distance this year!! Attendees can drive themselves to the Lincoln Theater, take a taxi, Uber, Lyft, or hire a limo service. The Lincoln Theater is about 20 minutes from The Westin (downtown Napa) by car depending on wine country traffic (a 2-DayShuttle Bus Pass is available). Please make sure you have a designated driver in your party if you plan to consume wine or other alcoholic beverages.


Q: Where can I purchase Brian's "Culbertson" Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Rosé wine?

A: "Culbertson" wine is currently sold out. Brian is working on new blends that will be available at the Getaway this June!


Q: What are the dates for the 2019 Napa Valley Jazz Getaway?

A: Dates for our 2019 event are:  June 5-9, 2019.


Q: Will food or drinks be available for purchase at the concert venues?

A: Yes. Lots of food and beverages will be available at the venues. Please do not bring your own. Note: your own personal bottled water is allowed. We'll publish a list of all options prior to the event.


Q: Can I bring my own food or drinks to the Oxbow Commons?

A: No. Outside food and drinks are not permitted, but there will be many choices available on the grounds. A list of vendors will be published closer to the event. Note: you can bring in your own personal bottled water.


Q: Does The Getaway need volunteers?

A: If you are interested in volunteering for the 2018 Napa Valley Jazz Getaway, please email us at:


Q: I might buy just a single day ticket to one of the Oxbow Commons concerts. If so, can I attend one of the After Parties at The Westin?

A: No. All 4 After Parties at The Westin are only for 5-Day Diamond VIP, 5-Day Platinum, and 4-Day Gold Package holders. And if you purchase a 2-Day Silver Package, you can attend the Saturday and Sunday After Parties. The After Parties are NOT included with any of the Single Day Tickets.


Q: Will there be an information desk available in Napa if I have questions?

A: Yes. click HERE for locations and times during the Getaway.


Q: Are there hotel and flight packages available?

A: No, we do not offer hotel and flight packages. Please be sure to review our website travel page for tips and recommendations HERE. Please note that hotels are NOT included in any ticketing package.


Q: If I have purchased a Platinum or Gold Package, do I need to check-in upon arrival to receive my credentials?

A: No. 

Platinum and Gold Package holders only need their tickets for entry into the concerts. Your tickets are good for all 4 main concerts so keep your tickets for all four days. Platinum and Gold Package holders will need their ACCESS CARDs to gain entry into the Wine Downs and After Parties at The Westin. 

Silver Package holders will only need their ticket for entry into the Saturday and Sunday concerts. The ticket is good for both days so please hold onto it. You will also need your ACCESS CARD for entry into the Saturday and Sunday After Parties at the Westin.

ACCESS CARDs can be picked starting Monday, June 4th, 2018 at various times and locations. Click HERE for the schedule.


Q: I am interested in the Silent Auction items. Will I be able to see a list of items ahead of time?

A: Yes. We will make this list available closer to the event.


Q: I purchased a Platinum or Gold Package but didn't receive the email with the hotel link. How do I get it?

A: Please email us at for that information.


Q: I've already bought my tickets, but cannot go. Can I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, no. All ticket sales are non-refundable. We recommend you either give them to friends or try to sell them.


Q: Will there be handicap (ADA) seats and parking available? 

A: Yes. Please contact Guest Services at for additional information as ADA seating is limited.


Q: I selected "Standard Delivery" (USPS) for receiving my tickets. When will I receive them? 

A: Your tickets will be put in the mail within 2 business days from the time of your order directly from the Ticketfly office in San Francisco, CA (Toronto if in Canada). If you do not receive your ticket via USPS within two weeks, please contact Guest Services at Please note: tickets will be mailed in a plain white envelope and are not marked as being sent from Ticketfly.


Q: Do you offer group discounts? 

A: We do offer group discounts for groups of larger than 20 traveling together. Please contact Guest Services at for additional information.


Q: What is needed to get into the concerts?

A: Your concert ticket is your admission to the shows. 5-Day Platinum and 4-Day Gold Package holders are only issued one ticket, which is good for all 4 main shows so please hold on to your ticket for all days. 2-Day Silver Packages holders are only issued one ticket as well, which is good for both the Saturday and Sunday concerts at the Oxbow Commons. Single Event Ticket Holders will need to present a ticket for each show.


Q: What is the weather like in Napa?

A: Afternoons can be very hot. Mornings and evenings can be cool, even in summer, so bring a sweater, jacket, shawl and scarf for outdoor dining and for the outdoor concerts.

In the town of Napa, the average temperature in June is 66 degrees, while the average high is 78 degrees and the average low temperature is 51 degrees. 

Please visit our website travel page for additional tips and information about Napa by clicking HERE.


Q: Are the wine tastings at the ACCESS CARD partner wineries pre-paid?

A: No, the tastings are not pre-paid.

You will be responsible for payment at the winery for your "2-for-1" tasting. We recommend you contact the wineries to get more pricing information and to make appointments ahead of time.


Q: Can I purchase tickets by phone?

A: Yes, please contact TicketFly at: 1-877-987-6487


Q: What is the parking situation at the Getaway venues and wineries?

A: Here is a list of each venue and pricing...

The Westin:
Valet Parking is included for FREE for hotel guests. Unfortunately, there is NO PARKING for NON-HOTEL GUESTS.

All have FREE parking but have fairly small parking lots. Please make reservations before going for tastings at most wineries.  

Lincoln Theater:
2-Day VALET Parking Passes are on sale NOW. There is $10 for close self-parking, $5 further self-parking, and FREE parking down the street.

Oxbow Commons:
Click HERE for more info on parking at the Oxbow Commons.


Q: Is the Welcome Dinner included in the Gold Package?

A: No. There is an additional fee for Gold Package holders while seats last. Get Welcome Dinner & Jam Session Tickets HERE.


Q: Can I bring a service animal to the Getaway?

A: Yes. Federal and California laws require us to allow a Service Dog on premises if you have a disability and are accompanied by a Certified Service Dog which has been trained for the specific needs of your disability (for example blindness or if you are wheelchair-bound). However, this does NOT apply to Emotional Support Animals. Sorry, but we cannot accept any animal that is not a Certified Service Animal recognized and approved by the ADA.


Q: Can guests under the age of 21 attend the After Parties and Wine Downs at The Westin?

A: Yes, they can attend but cannot be served alcohol.


Q: What items are prohibited from bringing to the Getaway?


NO Outside Food
NO Outside Beverages (a bottle of water is OK)
NO Coolers
NO Chairs
NO Tents
NO Large Blankets
NO Video Cameras
NO Audio Recording Devices
NO Tripods
NO Camelbacks
NO Bota Bag or Canteen
NO Pets
NO Instruments (including percussion)
NO Knifes/Weapons/Firearms
NO Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
NO Flags
NO Grills
NO Bicycles



Your Napa Team